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Create Your Own Love Story at Arlington Academy!

Flirt and Uncover the Secrets of the Academy. The story and your relationships are shaped by your choices! The way you play is up to you!

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What is Sweet Elite?

In a school filled with rich, beautiful and insanely talented students, nothing could go wrong… could it?

Sweet Elite is an online visual novel where you play as scholarship student at Arlington Academy, a prestigious high school only accessible to the best teenagers in their respective fields worldwide.

Choose the department that corresponds best to your personality and interests!

Romance over 10 love interests, including same-sex dating!

Multiple endings to discover at each chapter, and many illustrations to collect!

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Datable Characters

Customize Your Character

Choose everything from your gender, your skin color, your hairstyle and your outfit!


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Chapter 3
Oh no! You're running late to class on your first day! As if this wasn't bad enough, the whole school seems to be revolving around a certain teenage celebrity and an exclusive homecoming party. But things aren't exactly as great as they look on the surface...