Welcome to Arlington Academy!

Flirt and Uncover the Secrets of Arlington Academy!

In a school filled with rich, beautiful and insanely talented students, nothing could go wrong… could it?

Follow the adventures of the students of Arlington Academy, a prestigious high school only accessible to the best teenagers in their respective fields.

The competition is intense, the stakes are high, and everyday is a new challenge. Some of your classmates will be helpful, others will be... unfriendly.

Choose your department, make friends, build a romance with your favorite character and work together to solve the Academy's dark secrets... Secrets it does not want to expose.

Will you be able to find out the truth? Or will the pressure be too much to handle... it's up to you!

10 Love Interests: 5 boys and 5 girls!

Same-Sex Dating Options

Multiple Endings to discover

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Sweet Elite Has Many Chapters!

New chapters are added as you play. All chapters have several endings to discover! The way you play the game is up to YOU!


Teaser: You just arrived at Arlington Academy, but everything is so new and big! You're going to need help from a few senior students who will lay down the basics on you.


Teaser: Classes start tomorrow, so today is the time to try to make some new friends... but why is everybody so stressed today? What could be on their minds?


Teaser: It seems the whole school is to be revolving around a certain teenage celebrity and an exclusive homecoming party. But things aren't exactly as great as they look on the surface...